Autonomic is a co-operative
that is owned and run by its workers

We build technologies and infrastructure to empower users to make a positive
impact on the world. All of our services reflect our commitment to our core values:

  • Sustainability
  • Transparency
  • Privacy

Services we offer

This isn't an exhaustive list - if you don't see what you need, please contact us anyway.

  • Wordpress websites

    We will build and host your website, using Wordpress, which is free software and very user-friendly so you can add and edit your own content if you want to.

  • CRM and Case Management

    For case work (e.g. housing or asylum support) we offer our own system, OpenCase. It's simple and user-friendly, perfect for small, volunteer-led groups. We will also consider CiviCRM depending on requirements.

  • Encrypted Email

    Secure your email communications with state of the art transport encryption and TREES encrypted mailbox storage.

  • Text and Video Chat

    Mobile friendly multi-channel team chat using Rocket.Chat, with no artificial limits on features. Vital for remote project coordination.

  • Cloud Storage and Collaboration

    Cloudron is a personal "cloud in a box" , designed with the utmost security in mind. It allows you to deploy apps for file-storage, collaborative document editing, calendars, to-do lists and much more.

  • Voice Conferencing

    Stable and low latency voice communications using Mumble. Perfect for meetings, even with large groups, on mobile, or with low bandwidth.

  • Forum and Mailing Lists

    Build your online community with a modern and responsive forum with Discourse. An accessible replacement for traditional mailing lists.

  • Interactive Data and Mapping

    Got some data? We can provide a variety of interactive data visualisations, including mapping using OpenStreetMap, and charts using D3.js. Get the most out of your data by presenting it in a bespoke web app.

  • Bespoke Development

    For some problems, there may not be a pre-existing free software solution. Let us guide you through the full development cycle to deliver your bespoke solution.

  • Cybersecurity Training

    A grounded and principled understanding of the cybersecurity domain can ensure your organisation is not liable to any unwanted security threats. We provide structured training tailored to your threat model.