How we work

Autonomic is a hive mind of 13 people around the world turning gentle chaos into websites, infrastructure and design. We share 1 email inbox, we make decisions using consensus and we all get paid the same.

How we work with clients

We prefer to work with organisations and projects who share our values.

Our preferred contact method is email. It may take us a week or two to respond to initial queries, depending on how much work we have on.

Our agreements are usually in the form of:

RetainerClients pay us up-front and we work on a list of tasks at an agreed upon hourly or daily rate, until the retainer is used up.
Flat-rateWe give clients a quote based up their needs and we deliver on it. Clients pay up-front or in phases.
We work as needed and bill you afterLess than ideal for us.
Hosting and supportBilled monthly or yearly.

Additional Fees

We accept payments via bank transfer (BACS or SWIFT), including internationally. We can also receive credit and debit card payments using Stripe. For folks in countries where “wire transfers” can be costly and complicated, we will need to add approx 2.9% on top of the invoice total to cover Stripe’s processing fees.

Working @ Autonomic

Autonomic values independence and autonomy in our day-to-day work environment.

When we are recruiting for increased worker membership we will make a post on our blog. If you are interested in joining Autonomic but we are not currently recruiting, you are still welcome to send us your CV at boop@autonomic.zone.

Business info

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