Our work

The work we do spans a wide gamut. Below are a few examples of projects we have worked on. This is not a complete list of our collective skills, for that please check out our services page.

  • Fashion Revolution

    We’ve worked with Fashion Revolution, a global NGO headquartered in the UK, since 2020, including maintaining and improving Fashion Revolution’s global site, designing and developing “micro-sites” for FR’s country teams, implementing a new data-collection interface for FR’s “Fashion Transparency Index”.

    WordPress, HTML/CSS, visual design, security, development workflow and project management, front-end, back-end, optimization, WordPress multi-site, Javascript, data visualization, maintenance and hosting, support

  • Co-op Cloud

    Design and development of a public-facing website for Autonomic’s own “Co-op Cloud” project. The visual language was created with an audience of tech co-operatives in mind. The aim was to produce clear documentation, with a simple branded color pallette and highly legible typography for future developers, users and maintainers of Co-op Cloud.

    go development, bash development, community building, sociocracy, consensus decision making, Hugo, documentation authoring, ecosystem development, open source, Docker, Docker swarm