Publishing our Ansible roles

We’re delighted to announce that we’re publishing our Ansible roles into the open under at long last 🥳

They’ve always been licensed as libre software but due to the way we managed our internal infrastructure configurations, they were embedded in a private repository.

The roles are currently lacking documentation and written for very specific Autonomic needs but they might be handy as a learning resource or a base to fork from. We’d happily accept contributions to generalise them.

In particular, we’ve been relying on and running for years, so it is battle tested. The role bootstraps a Hetzner VPS from scratch and provisions it with a hardened SSH configuration, firewalls, user accounts and some basic packages and a shiny MOTD.

All roles are CI tested on every commit with Molecule so things don’t break.

Expanding re-use with shared infrastructure is someting we’ve always been working on at Autonomic. We have an ongoing critique of Ansible and the pros/cons of when it is a good choice to use. This ultimately led us to start projects like Co-op Cloud. However, we still think Ansible is pretty good at handling more complicated server provisioning needs.

Happy Infra Hacking.