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We worked with Indonesian art collective ruangrupa to create an online digital ecosystem that embodies the values and ideas of lumbung (an agrarian Indonesian term for a communal rice barn).

ruangrupa artists and collaborators use to share content (including videos and livestreams, microblogs, books, and real-time chat) using open source software and ActivityPub, the federated social media protocol, and integrated via Single Sign on.

The project was initiated in support of ruangrupa’s curation of documenta fifteen, the 2021 edition of “Documenta”, the major European 100-day art exhibition in Kassel, Germany.

Co-op Cloud, Docker, Hosting, WordPress, ActivityPub, Mastodon (Hometown), Funkwhale, Peertube, Element (Matrix), Nextcloud, Jellyfin, Calibre-web, Keycloak